Projeto Vamos!

In Portuguese, "vamos!" is the emphatic form of saying "let's go". This project is a selection of the best options in outdoor activities in Rio de Janeiro. 

We will discover Rio de Janeiro in unusual ways, off the beaten track. 
We know the best outdoor activities and provide our experience, our company and the necessary gear to enjoy this unique experience. The geography of Rio de Janeiro allows a quick escape from its busy streets. Either walking or by bicycle, we can easily and quickly reach the sea, the mountains, the forest, the trails, the waterfalls, Rodrigo de Freitas Lake and Guanabara Bay , where the sailboat lives.

All activities can be booked individually or in groups (limited according to the chosen program). Ask for detailed information on prices, necessary weather conditions, the average time spent on each program and  physical conditions recommended for the chosen activity.

We know options for all types of weather year round. We can, for example, go climbing in rainy days (yes, there are natural rock walls that don't get wet), in the shade (yes, even in those hot summer days there's some shade at certain times), slacklining under tree shades, go from the beach to the waterfall and then go climbing, all on the same day. We offer guided climbing (to lead or go second with experienced climbers) and basic instruction for beginners as well as sailing and surfing lessons for small groups. Contact us.

So, will you come with us!? Vamos!

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