Projeto Vamos!

In Portuguese, "vamos!" is the emphatic form of saying "let's go". This project is a selection of the best options in outdoor activities in Rio de Janeiro. 

We will discover Rio de Janeiro in unusual ways, off the beaten track. 
We know the best outdoor activities and provide our experience, our company and the necessary gear to enjoy this unique experience. The geography of Rio de Janeiro allows a quick escape from its busy streets. Either walking or by bicycle, we can easily and quickly reach the sea, the mountains, the forest, the trails, the waterfalls, Rodrigo de Freitas Lake and Guanabara Bay , where the sailboat lives.

All activities can be booked individually or in groups (limited according to the chosen program). Ask for detailed information on prices, necessary weather conditions, the average time spent on each program and  physical conditions recommended for the chosen activity.

We know options for all types of weather year round. We can, for example, go climbing in rainy days (yes, there are natural rock walls that don't get wet), in the shade (yes, even in those hot summer days there's some shade at certain times), slacklining under tree shades, go from the beach to the waterfall and then go climbing, all on the same day. We offer guided climbing (to lead or go second with experienced climbers) and basic instruction for beginners as well as sailing and surfing lessons for small groups. Contact us.

So, will you come with us!? Vamos!

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Discounts, promotions, Sale!!

The annual mountaineering season is just beginning in Rio de Janeiro, let's celebrate!

During autumn and winter months in Rio, days are not so hot, rain is not so frequent and not intense at all. That's why every year the opening of the mountaineering season (ATM) is celebrated at this time, a super interesting and traditional event, when most of the mountaineering community meets to commemorate the date.

To make our part into such important celebration, we're offering a super discount in our mountaineering activities, starting with the classic and most wanted best-seller Sugar Loaf hike/climb for only 75 Reais per person (2 persons being a minimum group).

Our meeting point is at Urca neighbourhood, in Praia Vermelha, at the bottom of that giant statue right in the middle of that plaza/square. This will be the returning point in the end of our activity.


Professional tour guide, specialized in mountaineering and rock climbing techniques, with all knowledge of safety gear and techniques beside historical city background, geographic changes, describing and showing the most important places and facts of city development since the arrival of the first portuguese people here.

All safety gear, rope, harnesses, carabiners and etc. ensuring total safety and support during the whole tour.

Cable car to go down.


Good health and physical capacity to hike a steep trail. No previous rock climbing experience is required.

Light clothes, sunscreen, hat, comfortable hiking shoes, photo camera, small backpack with 1 litre of water per person, some light snack as cereal bar or fruits.

So, what are you waiting to challenge climbing the Sugar Loaf (Pão de Açúcar) today? Get in touch with us and book your activity! 
Projeto Vamos! - Outdoor activities in Rio

Let's go sailing!

Projeto Vamos! will take you on an incredible ride aboard our sailboat on the Guanabara Bay and nearby Rio de Janeiro sea waters. We use the wind as our only type of fuel, an ecological alternative that keeps us in harmony with Nature and its rhythm. 

The sailboat lives at its mooring point in Urca, and that's where we are going to set our sails up and go. Later, we will come back to the same point of origin. Depending on the weather, sea and wind conditions, and also the time available, we can move around some beaches in the harbour as Botafogo, Flamengo, Rio-Niterói Bridge, São Francisco in Niteroi. On good conditions, we can go outside the bay, to the Father and Mother or Cagarras Islands, on the  ocean shoreline in Rio de Janeiro and Niterói. 

Obelix is ​​an ocean sailboat, 27 feet (8.3 meters), equipped for cruises on open ocean and able to carry up to seven passengers, with overnight accommodations for up to 6 adults. The battery keeps charged by solar panel. Currently equipped with seven sails: mainsail, genoa and 2 cruising spinnakers, jib, as well as regatta genoa and mainsail (made of plastic film) sails. All maneuvering and navigation is done on sails, just like in the good old days. 

Captain Marcelo has been sailing since the age of 14, first on the boat Bibo (an Atoll 23) of his friend and commander Renato Motta, about the same age. They went out every week in that small mighty brave ocean sailboat, without an engine, cruising the waters of Rio. In 2007, Marcelo bought his first sailboat, Danne (a Pomar 18), and went sailing alone and without an engine (the small outboard that Danne had was always under maintenance). 

Since then, he qualified as Amateur Skipper, Master and finally Amateur Captain and has always been looking for improvement in technique, always studying, training, teaching and learning seamanship and sailing, on boats as commander or crewmember in small and medium races and cruises in the Rio de Janeiro and Angra dos Reis region.  

The idea of ​​sailing without any auxiliary engine implies a greater interaction with nature and a better understanding of the natural elements around us. It is also an unique chance to watch our city from an alternative viewpoint.

Sailing, as well as some sustainable and ecological means of transportation is excellent therapy for stress!

During the tour we'll offer cold drinks (matte, soft drinks and water) and hot (mate, tea, coffee), some cookies and and sandwiches. We'll take a look look at different sights and historical landmarks, and may stop at any time, except in prohibited areas, set anchor for a delicious and refreshing swim. 

Let's go sailing!

Let's go climbing!

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Projeto Vamos! will take you to different and amazing climbing routes in Rio de Janeiro with astonishing views. If you are either an experienced rock climber, or want to first try an easy route as the classic "Costão" (Sugar Loaf easiest route), this is your chance. 

Our most successful ride is the hike+climb to the top of Sugarloaf mount where one can enjoy the view of a wonderful sunset from the top. There are hundreds of climbing routes on its steep granite walls, including "Costão", its normal route (simplest route of ascent and descent of a mountain), a long hike with a small piece of climbing. 

There is a 15 meter single step of climbing required. All the rest looks like a long steep hike. 

At the point we need to climb, safety rope and climbing equipment will be used, ensuring the safety of participants. We'll be wearing climbing harnesses. 

The look from above and the height may impress at first, but everybody feel euphoric and like winners by overcoming this obstacle. 

After the crux (most difficult move in a climbing route), a 10 minutes hike and we reach the "Pedra Filosofal" (Sorcerer's Stone - the name given to the natural viewing point, a stone overviewing Guanabara bay, Copacabana beach, Niterói and Rio open ocean islands).Time to stop for a snack and relax, watch the sunset and feel the mountain's energy. 

Then, from the lookout point, a short 10 minute walk and there we are! At the summit of the famous Sugar Loaf, where we can board the cable car to go down comfortably and for free.

In addition to the Sugar Loaf, Projeto Vamos! will take you to numerous climbing routes on other mountains, close to beaches, forests with amazing landscapes. In these places, we will climb, hike and relax in total harmony with nature. 

Let's go climbing!

Let's go surfing

What about some surfing lessons and sessions on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro?

We, from Projeto Vamos! offer surfing lessons, individual or for small groups on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro. We take the boards and required gear equipment that you can borrow. For very beginners we'll teach you some basics of the sport, like observing and chosing from different types of boards, information on surf spots, how to get in and out of the water, wave selection, paddling, duckdiving, sitting on your board, how to catch a wave, standing up  and so.

For this activity, it is essential that you know how to swim and have some reasonable physical fitness.

Start surfing, a purely recreational activity, brings healthy habits to our lives, as well as a better ability to understand and interact much more with the natural elements.

Let's go surfing!

Let's go slacklining!

An activity that works balance of body and mind, with lots of fun! 

Slacklining was created in the 70s by the rock climbing community on Yosemite National Park (in California, USA). The aim is to balance yourself over a tape sling  (climbing safety gear), and then go for walking or doing tricks.

We, from Projeto Vamos! invite you to experience the funny feeling of walking on a ribbon inbetween two trees, at the beach, forest or any park. You will be taught about the theory and technique, but will soon understand that the only way to learn this activity is with practice. 

Once the challenge begins, each person is tempted to overcome its ability, either by walking some more steps or by trying to do different maneuvers. 

With practice, our ability increases, and we begin to go for more difficult steps.

Let's go slacklining!

Let's go to the waterfalls!

In Rio de Janeiro there quite a few different waterfalls, located mainly in the area of Tijuca National Park (PNT).

With us, from Projeto Vamos! you'll know the paths to these refreshing urban retreats. 

In hot summer days, when temperature can easily reach 40 degrees C, it is amazing to find cold water, preserved in the heart of the forest that still exists in Rio.

Among several different waterfalls, some are accessible by car, a good alternative for those who can't ride pedal bikes.

The important thing is to enjoy a shower with pure water and breathe the replenishing air of the forest!

Let's go to the waterfalls!

Let's go for a bike ride!

Rio de Janeiro bike lane system offers the access to wonderful places. With an eye on the air conditions of our city, Projeto Vamos! supports the initiative to replace motorized transport for bicycles, which are in perfect harmony with the beautiful landscape of Rio. 

We have some bikes to lend! Either on or off bike-lanes, we know the shortcuts from the main streets to the natural refuges.

With Projeto Vamos! you'll have options, such as a ride to the outskirts of the local airport runway, with a wonderful view of Cristo Redentor statue and Sugar Loaf Mountain by the waters of Guanabara Bay.

Waterfalls and its hiking trails are recommended destinations on summer, offering either the shade of the trees and their refreshing waters, worth the effort of pedaling and hiking up there!

The traditional (and applauded) sunset at Ipanema beach, another destination wich can be easily accessed by bike, is a great opportunity to relax from the afternoon, recharge batteries and prepare for the night that's just beginning.

Let's go for a bike ride!