Let's go slacklining!

An activity that works balance of body and mind, with lots of fun! 

Slacklining was created in the 70s by the rock climbing community on Yosemite National Park (in California, USA). The aim is to balance yourself over a tape sling  (climbing safety gear), and then go for walking or doing tricks.

We, from Projeto Vamos! invite you to experience the funny feeling of walking on a ribbon inbetween two trees, at the beach, forest or any park. You will be taught about the theory and technique, but will soon understand that the only way to learn this activity is with practice. 

Once the challenge begins, each person is tempted to overcome its ability, either by walking some more steps or by trying to do different maneuvers. 

With practice, our ability increases, and we begin to go for more difficult steps.

Let's go slacklining!

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