Let's go reforestating!

Florescer NGO and Projeto Vamos! have shaken hands on the purpose of this new and interesting tour for nature lovers. Trail hiking with sightseeing points along the extraordinary preservation area in the Morro de São João ("Saint John Hill"), covering some main interest points like the slaves ladder ("escada dos escravos"), the white rock pedra branca, as well as a educative session with the NGO volunteers , a visit to the growing native plants area, and some teachings on the whole history of the reforestation project for São João Hill. To make our visit complete, the visitors are welcome to contribute on the reforestation maintenance by planting a native tree.

The idea on participating in the project, planting trees and living this unique experience and connection to nature is towards the main objectives of Projeto Vamos! as we embrace all initiatives which involve environmental concerns, education and ecological projects stimulating permanent attitude.

About Morro São João

Reforestation of São João has been done (and is still under maintenance nowadays) from the initiative of NGO Florescer in part of the hill and from Rio city hall over the Mutirão Reflorestamento project, which involves the  Cooperativa da Babilônia.  The São João is inserted in a Protected area (APA - Área de Proteção Ambiental dos Morros Babilônia e São João / Leme e Urubu) and has a managing council acting.

Let's go Reforestating!

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