Let's go for a bike ride!

Rio de Janeiro bike lane system offers the access to wonderful places. With an eye on the air conditions of our city, Projeto Vamos! supports the initiative to replace motorized transport for bicycles, which are in perfect harmony with the beautiful landscape of Rio. 

We have some bikes to lend! Either on or off bike-lanes, we know the shortcuts from the main streets to the natural refuges.

With Projeto Vamos! you'll have options, such as a ride to the outskirts of the local airport runway, with a wonderful view of Cristo Redentor statue and Sugar Loaf Mountain by the waters of Guanabara Bay.

Waterfalls and its hiking trails are recommended destinations on summer, offering either the shade of the trees and their refreshing waters, worth the effort of pedaling and hiking up there!

The traditional (and applauded) sunset at Ipanema beach, another destination wich can be easily accessed by bike, is a great opportunity to relax from the afternoon, recharge batteries and prepare for the night that's just beginning.

Let's go for a bike ride!

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