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Projeto Vamos! will take you to different and amazing climbing routes in Rio de Janeiro with astonishing views. If you are either an experienced rock climber, or want to first try an easy route as the classic "Costão" (Sugar Loaf easiest route), this is your chance. 

Our most successful ride is the hike+climb to the top of Sugarloaf mount where one can enjoy the view of a wonderful sunset from the top. There are hundreds of climbing routes on its steep granite walls, including "Costão", its normal route (simplest route of ascent and descent of a mountain), a long hike with a small piece of climbing. 

There is a 15 meter single step of climbing required. All the rest looks like a long steep hike. 

At the point we need to climb, safety rope and climbing equipment will be used, ensuring the safety of participants. We'll be wearing climbing harnesses. 

The look from above and the height may impress at first, but everybody feel euphoric and like winners by overcoming this obstacle. 

After the crux (most difficult move in a climbing route), a 10 minutes hike and we reach the "Pedra Filosofal" (Sorcerer's Stone - the name given to the natural viewing point, a stone overviewing Guanabara bay, Copacabana beach, Niterói and Rio open ocean islands).Time to stop for a snack and relax, watch the sunset and feel the mountain's energy. 

Then, from the lookout point, a short 10 minute walk and there we are! At the summit of the famous Sugar Loaf, where we can board the cable car to go down comfortably and for free.

In addition to the Sugar Loaf, Projeto Vamos! will take you to numerous climbing routes on other mountains, close to beaches, forests with amazing landscapes. In these places, we will climb, hike and relax in total harmony with nature. 

Let's go climbing!

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