Let's go sailing!

Projeto Vamos! will take you on an incredible ride aboard our sailboat on the Guanabara Bay and nearby Rio de Janeiro sea waters. We use the wind as our only type of fuel, an ecological alternative that keeps us in harmony with Nature and its rhythm. 

The sailboat lives at its mooring point in Urca, and that's where we are going to set our sails up and go. Later, we will come back to the same point of origin. Depending on the weather, sea and wind conditions, and also the time available, we can move around some beaches in the harbour as Botafogo, Flamengo, Rio-Niterói Bridge, São Francisco in Niteroi. On good conditions, we can go outside the bay, to the Father and Mother or Cagarras Islands, on the  ocean shoreline in Rio de Janeiro and Niterói. 

Obelix is ​​an ocean sailboat, 27 feet (8.3 meters), equipped for cruises on open ocean and able to carry up to seven passengers, with overnight accommodations for up to 6 adults. The battery keeps charged by solar panel. Currently equipped with seven sails: mainsail, genoa and 2 cruising spinnakers, jib, as well as regatta genoa and mainsail (made of plastic film) sails. All maneuvering and navigation is done on sails, just like in the good old days. 

Captain Marcelo has been sailing since the age of 14, first on the boat Bibo (an Atoll 23) of his friend and commander Renato Motta, about the same age. They went out every week in that small mighty brave ocean sailboat, without an engine, cruising the waters of Rio. In 2007, Marcelo bought his first sailboat, Danne (a Pomar 18), and went sailing alone and without an engine (the small outboard that Danne had was always under maintenance). 

Since then, he qualified as Amateur Skipper, Master and finally Amateur Captain and has always been looking for improvement in technique, always studying, training, teaching and learning seamanship and sailing, on boats as commander or crewmember in small and medium races and cruises in the Rio de Janeiro and Angra dos Reis region.  

The idea of ​​sailing without any auxiliary engine implies a greater interaction with nature and a better understanding of the natural elements around us. It is also an unique chance to watch our city from an alternative viewpoint.

Sailing, as well as some sustainable and ecological means of transportation is excellent therapy for stress!

During the tour we'll offer cold drinks (matte, soft drinks and water) and hot (mate, tea, coffee), some cookies and and sandwiches. We'll take a look look at different sights and historical landmarks, and may stop at any time, except in prohibited areas, set anchor for a delicious and refreshing swim. 

Let's go sailing!

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